You do a lot of community management. So that’s a big part of your role is. I had a lot of community initiatives at different platforms whether it’s Twitter or LinkedIn or parts of Instagram, Facebook or a Facebook group. For those people who are not as familiar with the term, what is community management? Community management can mean a lot of different things the way I see it at a very high level is it’s just you growing building and managing your online community. That community can come in a lot of different forms. It could be like a Facebook group or a LinkedIn group or just an Instagram page.

That’s the social way to do it and there’s the real physical meetups and things of that nature as well as long as if you have a community. A group of people that are excited about what you’re doing and they’re part of what your mission is that’s a community and that’s how you can manage whether it’s physically or social. There’s different ways to go about it.

What takes us to the nuts and bolts like on an average day, let’s say you’re working on a particular community management project. What are you doing with that? A lot of times we just try to figure out different ways to engage people and also serve as an advocate and be a resource for them. For example; we have a Facebook group right now. I actually started as a volunteer moderator. Before that Facebook group I moved over the team. A lot of my time is figuring out going through the comments, reading the comments, replying to them.

Also while I’m looking at the comments, if I see any trends, I’ll figure out a way to answer their questions for a lot of people at once. For example; I was going through the comments recently, I saw a lot of people were asking you, what does your team use for editing videos? what does your team use for XY and Z? We actually as the team saw that. We compiled a document that had all the tools and resources that we use on our team and we just put it out for everyone on the group.

How important is engagement on social media?

Super-important. I think that whether you’re in the field that you just mentioned or whether you’re start-up or anything else. The personal brand like I do a lot of my own personal brand things. Engagement is key. 

How you build real meaningful relations with the community? There’s so many people I see big brands especially that are not going in the comments and replying to the people. A lot of times the people that are in those comments can become your biggest fans. It’s really important to go in there engage with them, joke with them and be a part of what they’re talking about, being a part of their dialogue, so that way, you can build a real connection with them. This is it’s almost a one-on-one thing.

There’s 20 people have responded to your post and there’s not want to reply and I’m missing opportunities. I think it’s important to go narrow to one-on-one engagements within a particular post. It’s great to have a hundred thousand followers but if they don’t care about your brand, it doesn’t mean a difference. But those hundred people that really care about you, because you’re interacting with the one-on-one. They’re gonna be your brand advocate.

If you have a bigger audience I know you’re probably okay. This is so much easier to say out loud, it’s hard to do but it’s so worth it. I was literally up last night till about 2:00 a.m. from 11:00 p.m. just replying all the direct messages because I know that connection I built there is this gonna be so meaningful. It’s gonna really impact people and so I can’t stress it enough. You may not be able to get to every comment. You may not be able to get every direct message. But do as much as you can. Because the more you do the more you’re gonna get back.

As the audience grows, trying to reach everybody, like just on birthday. I made an effort to consciously reply to every single person that wish me a happy birthday. When I jump into somebody else’s post, putting the time in, once you get that back-and-forth engagement. They’re gonna be a lot more responsive to future posts as well.

We have the Internet right now and the fact that someone took the time out of doing anything else on the internet to reply to you. They went out of the way to reply to you, when they could be watching any movie and got YouTube video. You went on the way to reply to you or reach out to you, that’s a big deal. So we should value that and reply back to them, joke with them. The biggest thing I’m going to segue a little bit. But I think that’s a community manager a lot of people reach out to on LinkedIn.

What’s the biggest thing I can do is community manager and what I always say is be the biggest fan of your brand, because as a community manager that you more than anyone else. You know everything going on about your brand or whoever you support. You have to know every tweet comes, you have to know the inside jokes, the feedback, so that way you could be a part of the discussion and so that that’s also my biggest thing that releases. I just be really good to know your brand and when you’re replying to comments, keep an eye out, wait to take a step back and see if there’s any trends you can identify that you can take advantage of it.

If some brand hired a community manager what’s an important thing?

As a community manager, it’s literally my duty to be to know everything, reading every blog, reading everything. It’s on me to really be up-to-date.

I see a lot of activity off hours which makes sense because some people have jobs where they cannot do a lot of social media during 9:00 to 5:00. But they’ll do it. I see a lot of people online 10 o’clock just before they go to bed, they’re online. I responded this stuff so it’s just a time during the day. Sometimes those all hours work to your advantage.


If you’re bigger, you’re getting a lot more replies or getting a lot more DMs. You just have to make time for it. You may not get to everything. We have to get to. I’d recommend carving out at least 30 minutes..

The Ultimate Guide to Community Management