Work, some days seems like it never ends. Right? It will not be great if we actually liked what we did for a living. Because according to a recent Gallup research seven out of ten of us don’t.  Many people are changing that by becoming professional community manager.  

So what’s it like to be a Community Manager-

Ritesh Aggarwal, BabaPinnak says “A community manager is a jack-of-all-trades.” 

Shivank Khandelwal, Creative Mafiaz says “My role as a community manager is really to bring awareness & education and connection to the community as a whole.”

Himanshu Agarwal, Community Folks says “As a community manager I feel I am doing an equally important and tiresome job as any other person in the company.

Ankita Tripathi, Superbotwoman says “Highly involved, conversational, and engaging. It is all about the people.”

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What attracted me to community management was the ability to mediate conflicts. It’s never the same, it’s different every day, it’s exciting. I feel like I’m improving the quality of life for people. A great leader makes everyone and everything around them better. I enjoy bringing people together that’s the fabric of my being. To bring people together we have to be able to intuit what their needs are to develop programs that address those needs and to really get them to believe that we care about them. It’s a quite a jigsaw puzzle. When that puzzle comes together and I had a hand in that, that’s worth quite a lot in my job.

Success can happen anywhere whether it’s large-scale gated communities, new development or mixed-use projects that blend residential and commercial units. My single biggest improvement to a community that I managed personally was a healthcare community of approximately 75,000 healthcare professionals globally, where the professionals really didn’t know each other and I took it upon myself personally to bring that community together. 

Of course like any career a community manager encounters challenges and figures out how to solve them. You know community management is one of those things where you have your quiet days and you have your other days, where it’s raining inside a unit there’s water falling out of the ceiling and that happens. 

As a community manager you could be doing one minute paperwork and then rushing off to deal with a fire then next. Perhaps you’re ready to make a career transition or you’re someone just getting started and looking to apply your skills and new in different ways. 

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There’s a world of opportunity in Community Management. Are you in?


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