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Today I’m talking to you about why you need to take the time to create a map of where your customers are online before you do any other marketing, or really anything else. Important article, one that’s kind of near and dear to to what I do on a daily basis because I feel like it’s really important to have an educated consumer who knows the the costs and the benefits of all the different channels online I think you’re gonna find this article interesting I’m excited to talk about the topic to you.

Let’s dive into it.

okay so in the past I think there was a lot of online businesses who thought if I just get ranked number one for this keyword or these five keywords inside of Google, I’m gonna be making millions and millions of dollars a year. You know in some cases that’s absolutely still true in many cases but what we’re seeing now is that the digital marketing landscape is evolving just a bit as well as the consumer so let me talk about that specifically.

Say I’m somebody who’s looking for a new product or service. Perhaps I’m looking for a lawyer or a wedding DJ or some type of service right. When I go online I’m not just going to Google one thing click on that result and then convert the consumer. Nowadays they know there’s a lot more information out there and so they’re not simply going to be a search click a conversion. Unfortunately it’s gotten much more complicated than that because the consumer is now doing a lot more research so me as the consumer, I might do a search, I might click on the first listing, I might see the website but then after that I’m going to go back to Google. Again I’m gonna start looking at reviews of this person and other people. In many cases, I might go to some of the top review sites, I might go to their social media profiles, I will click on their social media profiles go through each one of them and try to see is this person doing updates recently. Can I find any negative reviews? I might search for bad reviews on this person look at some of their closest competitors. Go to trade publications have they written anything. Are they a subject matter expert in the space? Do they have information online that’s specific to my needs. If I have a specific legal need or a specific type of DJ genre that I’m looking for. You know you could think of a lot of different examples, here’s my point. You can’t just rely on one so what’s really important for the advertiser and the person who’s trying to drive business online is that they understand all the different touch points that are associated with a conversion.

So the first touch point, it might be a Google search where they have to get ranked very high in Google. Another touch point might be Facebook where they go to your Facebook page and they’re looking through that. Another touch point might be a search that actually happens in Facebook where they’re searching and then they see that their family and friends have recommended similar products and services. So if you don’t know that actually inside a face but you can do searches. Now it’s gonna pull up a keyword that your friends and/or your family people you’re connected to have recommended. That’s gonna allow you to find out information on that. They might go to your Twitter profile. Another touch point potentially a Pinterest, potentially a review site, potentially a trade publication. They might click on a Google AdWords ad. They might click on marketing ad and so on and so forth.

So what you need to understand are what are all these different areas online and then based off of each one of these areas where do they fall within the customer journey and then what’s the potential for a direct last click conversions to convert and then what’s the potential for them being somewhere inside of the linear sequence before they convert and then how important is it for them to be in there so if you can put all those things together and then take it and make it so that you understand your exact map of where your customer is online and where they go online.

You can create a marketing strategy that hits each one of those areas okay so that’s about it today for creating a map online. Before you do any digital marketing, don’t just get sold into email marketing, don’t just get sold into SEO, don’t just get sold into pay-per-click.

Understand who’s your customer take a step back where all the touch. It’s going to be online and what’s going to be the most effective couple mediums and channels to get into first and then what are the other ones that are going to be really important to support those other channels so that when a customer does come through there. They convert as well this is really important stuff and it’s going to help you a lot drive leads. What we’re seeing nowadays is that the customer is becoming much more sophisticated and they’re looking for a lot of different areas where they can learn how to learn information about your business. So that’s it. Have a great day.


Nitesh · July 27, 2019 at 9:15 am

Informative and helpful article. Thanks for sharing.

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