‘Kheloge khudego, banoge kharab’, yes the famous saying by our parents,family elders and grandparents is still fresh in our minds. Actually it is not a saying but a truth in certain cases if you go back to the days with our technological games. I have been brought up in a middle class family where inowing to these advanced games were next to impossible. People in middleclass often struggle for their two meals a day. Then, how come we can dreamof the games being played through smart phones, laptops or even in theparlors. Yes, you got it correct, I am not talking about the beauty parlors butinstead game parlours where children from age group 8 to 18 are engaged withdifferent sorts of games.

The children of the 21 st century missed the adventurous games played by thechildren of 19 th and 20 th century. Their body have no resistance to dust, heat,water, germs, etc. The outdoor games are now only confined to schools or tothe stadiums wherein students pay monthly to be a part of it. Have it beenKapil Dev, who never official went to any academy and made India proudwinning the World Cup. He always was dedicated to his game outdoor. Withthis he build his body, intellect, health and so on.

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Comparing the child in present scenario, we often can see articles innewspapers, news channel showing various precautionary methods to reducethe usage of cell phones especially smart phones. Blue whales, PubG are suchsort of games which can even lead to mental disorders of a child making themimpair of their thinking skills. They are so lost in these types of games that theyforget their existence and are dominated by these evils games. Not only thisthe results of the students studying in different classes has been effected bythese games. As these games are not played for a definite period but iscontinuously played by the children. This cause stress to the parents and to theschool and management of the school.

Many incidents have made us aware of the fact that these regular games onthe mobile or laptops has now acted as a type of disease. We could name themas e-disease or net disease. Once you make them to play game online, theyeven forgot to sleep, eat, move and go out to play. Their all the physical work isnow transformed in the finger game. They do not shout, haul, run instead theyregularly stare the phone, make different faces. These faces sometimesresemble to monkeys, apes, gorillas and what not.

Moreover the biggest problem is there is no medicine for these types of diseases. It could be seen in a different way like parents are working, to be intouch with their wards they provide them with cell phones. These phones are then used to listen music and watch movies. When they become bore with all this it could be used to refresh mind in the way of playing. If at all they arestopped playing they commit suicide or become violent.

The time has come to find the solution for the problem. One remedy is tomake them friendly, spent time with your ward and listen to their problems. Their excitement should not be wasted on phone instead in building relationships.


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