Healthcare is the maintenance of the health of a person by professionals with the help of diagnosis and treatment of disease, injury and any other mental or physical sickness. Healthcare is given by the health professional (who practiced or done a course of healthcare) in health fields.

Nursing, Medicine, Audiology, Pharmacy, Physical therapy are part of health care. Physicians and physician associates are part of health professionals. In government hospitals, the professionals and doctor are appointed by the government itself who have the knowledge of their specialization. The healthcare provided by the government hospital is not better than private hospitals. Healthcare also varies from country to country, Healthcare was started to provide the treatment to the middle class and upper-class individuals who are unable to afford private hospitals. Even women prefer to use government hospital than private. The reason behind doing that is cheap health care in a government hospital but they didn’t get the good quality of treatment. The main difference between private and government health care is poor quality equipment is used by government professionals. The health care in government hospitals if mainly provided in rural areas. Where a private hospital doesn’t exist or have an expensive fee of doctors.

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There are different factors which are relating to the healthcare of government hospitals are divided between the national and state government systems in term of decision making. The national government sees into overall family welfare and care of major diseases and on other hand state government broadly applicable healthcare issues such as promotion, local hospitals which varies from one state to another state. If we consider the goal of obtaining the healthcare as development, so it is too important to provide the health care camps should be conducted in every rural and urban area to aware the people about the precautions which they can take on their daily basis to which they can drop down the chances for going to hospitals. In government hospitals, the share of government is only 42% in the country and the private sector has 58%. In 2014 election Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to unveil the mission of universal health care mission system known as the National Health Assurance Mission which will provide free drugs and treatment to the serious ailment, but it got delayed due to the budgetary system. This health care the program also help our medical graduates to develop their skills and can practice in the government hospital during a health care program under the supervision of specialists. Even the future also depends on the trainees who will be there after some years in government hospitals to serve their knowledge and skills which they have got while their training days.

In the conclusion of this topic, I would suggest to the government for improving the quality of equipment and medicines in government hospitals. And have changed the mindset of people who think that private hospitals are better than government hospitals. Bring the changes by which people prefer to go to government hospitals instead of private to get the treatment. Also, the government should increase the share in hospitals to take the decisions on time and in favor of the hospital.